Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Journey is Part of the Adventure - Part I

  I just got back from the Allagash Wilderness Waterway into the North Maine Woods
- a fabulous adventure!

Highlighted in my Maine Atlas, the 6 hour travel route brought me through Greenville from Falmouth and continued on through Kokadjo to the 70 miles of dirt roads (Golden Road and Ragmuff the most famous of these roads) I would travel to my final destination on Round Pond just south of Allagash Lake.

Keeping an eye out for wildlife, my travel companions and I were not disappointed: Eagles, deer, moose, groundhogs, ruffed grouse, coyote, osprey, woodcock are some of the critters that were spotted.

 Maine Moose
(affectionately nicknamed swamp donkeys)

Mom cow with calf moose in muddy opening along roadway

Alongside of Caribou Lake, entering into the North Maine Woods - a remote region that comprises landowners from individual families to priviate coporations, conservaion organizations and state-owned land - (check out www.northmainewoods.org ), a stop at the Checkpoint is required.  Land use and camping fees assist the landowners to keep this region open to visitors.

Caribou Checkpoint on the Golden Road

While traveling on the North Maine Woods roads, which are built and maintained to move wood products, keep your vehicle lights on. Logging trucks have right of way, so when one is approaching from either direction, pull over to allow them to pass safely.

Abundant streams and one-lane bridges are part of the charm of traveling along the remote roadways.

The weather is always changing ~
Destination Round Pond

Stay tuned....more to come!



Katrinshine said...

Great photos!

Boriville said...

The picture with the rainbow is just perfect!

La Alicia said...

I totally want to adopt the baby moose!

Sweet Mojo Apothecary said...

WOW!! what wonderful photos, you've really captured that part of Maine beautifully!!

Happy fourth! Jes & Jolene