Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild Falmouth!

Recently, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife indicated that the black bear population is thriving and growing (estimated at over 20,000) in Maine. As if on cue, one youngster visited my bird feeder in the wee hours one morning this past August. After devouring the bird seed, it took off but not before I was able to take a couple of pictures and a video with the aid of a spot light.

This bear is estimated at 100 lbs and was later spotted at other bird feeders a couple of miles from my place.

I took these photos from my house through a window and screen; safety comes first!

I'm in Southern Maine where we don't generally get a glimpse of these elusive creatures - except at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, so it was a rare treat to see one out my window! Note: the bird seed was put away for a few weeks so no more free food to encourage him to stick around.  

Here's my design inspired by the neighborhood bear
Maine Bear Beanie

More to come....I'll add the video later - it was not loading correctly

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