Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In a previous post, I shared a glimpse into interior Maine. Contrasting, here are beautiful views of Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean off the Southern Maine coastline.

A recent weekend, the State offered free entrance into State Parks to individuals with a 'Loon Plate', the Conservation Resources vehicle license plate; I totally had to take advantage of the offer as I have one on my Toyota Forerunner! It was a beautiful sunny day and nearby Two Lights State Park in the town of Cape Elizabeth offers expansive views of the ocean.

Low tide exposes seaweed and tidal pools ~ waves crash on shore with picturesque force!

Artist capturing the beauty of the coast!

Benches and picnic tables are sprinkled around the park for optimum viewing.

In a neighboring town of South Portland, Spring Point Lighthouse Trust fund was hosting tours into the lighthouse. See more at:

View from 2nd level of the lighthouse.

One last stop at Fort Williams park - the home to Portland Head Light. Views overlooking Casco Bay and the shipping lane into Portland Harbor.

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Enjoy! Cathy


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

the inspired scarf is just GORGEOUS!! Wonderful photos!

Malaysia said...

Hi Cathy, I real enjoy reading your posts, lov eyour works as well.